Ice-cream, Meringue and Berry Desssert

Ice-cream, Meringue and Berry Desssert

A light and fruity ice-cream,meringue and berry dessert that is perfect for summer and easy to prepare.

Serves 6

This creamy, crunchy summer dessert is a light and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Ice -cream and meringue are always popular and this dessert is great fun to prepare together as a family. It can be served at a barbeque or used to impress the boss when he comes for dinner. The ingredients can be adapted to suite any taste and once tried, it is sure to become a regular on the dinner table. This dessert works best if the ice- cream is of good quality and very creamy.


2 liters of vanilla ice-cream

12 large meringues, crushed

2 cups mixed summer berries (can be fresh or frozen)


Allow the ice-cream to stand in the fridge until it has softened slightly.

Place the meringues in a plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they are crushed. Do not crush too finely. This works best if the meringue ends up in teaspoon sized chunks.

Once the ice-cream has softened slightly, scoop a layer of the ice-cream into the bottom of a large pudding basin.

Place a layer of crushed meringue onto the ice- cream.

Place a layer of summer berries onto the meringue and drizzle with some honey.

Repeat the process until the pudding basin is full.

Place basin in the freezer until the ice –cream has frozen solid once again.

Before serving, place the basin in a tub of warm water in order to loosen the ice-cream from the sides of the bowl.

Place a plate on top of the pudding basin and turn the basin upside down.

The ice-cream should then slide out of the basin onto the plate.

Drizzle honey or berry sauce over the dessert and serve immediately.

Place any left over dessert back into the freezer immediately, as it defrosts fairly quickly.

This delicious ice-cream, meringue and berry dessert is suitable for a barbeque or a supper party. Individual desserts can be made by using dessert bowl instead of a pudding basin.

The following variations on the dessert are possible:

Change the flavor of the ice-cream to suite the taste of the family. Chocolate and other fruit flavours work well, but feel free to experiment.

Use tropical fruit such as mango’s or pineapple instead of berries.

Substitute the summer berries with kiwi or strawberries soaked in some liqueur.

Sprinkle muesli or coffee granules over the meringue instead of honey.

Mix some biscuits into the ice-cream before starting to layer the dessert.

This ice- cream meringue and fruit dessert is delicious and will soon become a family favorite. It is easy and  great fun  to make as a family takes, looks very impressive and takes  very little time to prepare and for a busy mom this is essential.




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